In-person worship is on sign up basis only. Check back on Sunday for the live stream.
Adult Congregation

Sunday Service Live Stream...11:00 am
Prayer Meeting...Tues. 7:30 pm @ Online
Small Group...Fri. 7 pm @ Online
Sports Fellowship...Cancelled until further notice
Youth Group

Sunday Service...Online

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In-person services have resumed on a sign-up, limited capacity basis. For more info, please reach out to us. To join us virtually, please check back on Sunday to view the live stream here.

About Us

Embrace Ministry is the English-speaking, adult and youth congregations of Seoul Presbyterian Church

We are a vibrant community of married couples with and without kids; young, working professionals; and a passionate group of college students.


We are a body of believers that strive to build God's Kingdom for His glory. We aspire to fulfill this vision through the primary means that God gives his people, which are faithful preaching and teaching of God's Word, intercessory prayer, sacrificial love within the body, and evangelism to our local community and the world to fulfill the Great Commission.

//Pastoral Staff

Our Adult Congregation is ministered by Pastor Jae Lee, who joined our congregation in September 2014.

Photo of Jae Kim
Jae Lee

Lead Pastor

Photo of Woojin Lee
Woojin Lee

Associate Pastor


The deacons are four members who are nominated and approved by the congregation to serve as our ministry's leadership - focusing on the vision, culture, and finances of the church.

Currently serving as deacons are:

Photo of John Kim
John Kim
Photo of Philip Kim
Philip Kim
Photo of Danny Lee
Danny Lee
Photo of Jayna Yun
Jayna Yun
A vibrant community of
married couples
with & without kids;
young, working professionals;
& a passionate group of
college & high school students

Service & Meetings

//Sunday Service

Adult Congregation

Sundays, 10:30 am

Youth Group

Sundays, 11:00 am

Our Sunday services are held every week at 10:30 am for the Adult Congregation and 11:00 am for the Youth Group. A typical service will be about an hour and 15 minutes in duration, consisting of contemporary style praise and worship elements. You can listen and subscribe to our Sunday sermons in iTunes or Google Play Music.

We want your visit to be as comfortable as possible. So, join us in whatever clothes you're comfortable in, whether that's jeans and t-shirt, business casual wear, or formal Sunday best. Also, our multimedia team will have the words to the praise songs and the Bible verse projected on the screen, so simply put, we want you to come as you are.

We're located at 6428 Ox Road, Fairfax Station, VA 22039. When you turn into the church from Ox Road, you will see two large buildings: the building on the right is the Vision Center where our services are held.

There are parking spaces available in front of both buildings and to the right of the Vision Center. You can park in any available parking spaces.

When you enter the building, the Adult Congregation's worship sanctuary will be on your right; the Youth Group's on your left. You will see couple of ushers at the entrance of the sanctuary who will hand you the day's bulletin and welcome you to our service.

//Prayer Meeting

Adult Congregation

Tuesdays, 7:30 pm

Our prayer meetings are held every Tuesday night at 7:30PM at church. A typical meeting lasts about an hour and is a time to come together to pray corporately as one body for our church and our surrounding communities. We gather to pray for the following reasons:

1) Prayer as Worship: We pray to God as a body, because he is the one who called and formed the church. Out of billions of people in the history of the world, he specifically chose for himself people who are exclusively his. The Church is his bride, his flock, his children, and his special possession. Praying together as a body is recognizing this amazing privilege, and we approach him humbly and confidently.

2) Prayer is Corporate Repentance: We confess our sins as a body, because there are many things we have done as a body that are contrary to His holy call. If we don't confess our sins as a body, we will never grow spiritually as a body. If the body does not grow, we, the individual members of that body, will not grow.

3) Prayer as Holy Work: It is God who saves and builds his Kingdom on earth. He chose to save the earth through the preaching/teaching of the Word, the service of the Church, and through the prayers of the Church. God moves as his people pray. Therefore, prayer is a holy work and one of the most important works that his people can do in this world. Romans 2:6 states that each person will be judged according to his own deeds. We believe one of the key areas we will be held accountable and have to answer for is how much we prayed for his church.

4) Prayer Unites the Church: We approach God as one body as we pray together. It is perhaps the best way we are united with one another. It is also the best way we love each other.

If you have prayer requests or questions about our prayer meeting, please contact us at

//Small Group

Adult Congregation

Fridays, 7 pm

Small groups are a great way to get connected with our members in a more intimate setting. They provide a time outside of church setting for fellowship, prayer, and spiritual growth.

Small Group photoSmall Group photo

To get in touch with the group leaders or for information on the locations of the meetings, contact us.

//Gym Nights

Adult Congregation and Youth Group

Wednesdays, 7 pm

Every Wednesday night at 7 pm, we open up our indoor gym at the Vision Center to have a time of fellowship through friendly competition.

Sports Fellowship photoSports Fellowship photo

Currently, we alternate between basketball and volleyball.


Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you have about our ministry.

Adult Congregation


(703) 679-7764



Youth Group


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